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louis vuitton uk bags sale This year's winter came very late , seeing " snow " that is to have not seen half a slice of snowflakes. Drizzle Gesanchawu , withered branches, dyed golden floor , everywhere wet , dirty , people have nowhere scraps , cold and wet air, makes my heart also seems to end on a thin layer cream.

Suddenly miss hometown winter.

Hometown winter is quiet. Like snowflakes in the night falls, the man fell asleep quietly , quietly the mountains dyed white , everything fell into a deep sleep. Early in the morning , is the most lost and lonely sparrow guy , early flying messenger , under the eaves , " twitter " to noisy with, disturb the early morning dream. louis vuitton uk bags sale Open your eyes , the windows too glaring white paper , eager for the warmth of bed ,  let the thoughts and downs, until the mother kindled Want firewood in the fireplace , the only lazily out of bed , get dressed .

Hometown winter is white . Slopes, tree branches , roofs are covered with a white snow . Familiar road had disappeared , only to come to recognize from sporadic, or deep or shallow footprints , where is the way , where is the pits. The pool water was a thin layer of ice covered gurgling brook flowing under the ice encountered stone weave , giving off a sweet " ding-dong " sound. Sweep out an open space, sprinkle a few of the corn , chicken are jumping forward , scrambled , louis vuitton uk bags sale sharp mouth pecking at the frozen ground was " Bang Bang " sound , like to take the opportunity to eat a sparrow , not waiting for the landing , he was cock rise chest looks scared to fly to the treetops , Pusu Su stepped on snow powder falling , splashing a crystal .

Hometown winter is cold , biting cold . Snow had sunny afternoon , bright sun melted the snow on the roof , snow along the eaves dripping down tick tick . Soon, on the ground it merged into a "small rivers " , together with other local streams of snow , the ground wet, muddy , nowhere scraps . In the evening, under the eaves on the ice condensation in long downpipe , sparkling in the sunsets , ladder rack , louis vuitton uk bags sale broke off a climb , bite mouth " Ga bang " sound, the ice was Ziyaliezui . "Little River " frozen ground also re- frozen , covered with deep and shallow footprints, mixed with many bizarre patterns. Ha warm tone want to start , ranging from white gas touched hands, but instantly disappeared .

Hometown winter is warm . Ice and snow outside , cozy house fire . Orange flames jumping repeatedly licking the pot , although the pot is bread and water, but steaming , rich flavor . Nalv smoke on the roof, with the breeze curl rising , drifting into the distance . Roasted at the fire , holding the favorite story books to read, louis vuitton uk bags sale along with the ups and downs of the story , although still immersed in the warm body , the mind went wandering winds flew foreseen .

Hometown winter is loving . In the evening, the mother in the dim oil lamp , a go-between for us to mend the clothes, I was lying in bed bustling , the story on the radio or music, sleep safely .

Number nine days of childhood as Hachu white gas , instantly disappeared . Growing up, one by one, we left home. Hometown quiet, silence louis vuitton uk bags sale , where her mother buried it.

That less noisy mountain , covered in snow and ice , too, and mother sleeping .